Javier Rey - Software Engineer

Front-end and Full-stack developer since 2000, working with Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, MySQL and more.

Most projects I participated in are IT management applications, not visible to the public.

Links below are small proof-of-concept samples of different natures, some related to projects I worked in, others just exercises on interesting technologies.

Angular Tests   Read me
> ./project-ng-boot/
Network Viewer   Read me
> ./network-vis-poc/
Three JS   Read me
> ./project-three/
Encryption   Read me
> ./encryption-poc/
Front-end framework   Read me
> ./project-frontend/
PHPUnit Raw   Read me
> ./project-phpunit-raw/
PHPUnit Zend   Read me
> ./project-phpunit-zend-ng/
GPS Locations Path   Read me
> ./project-locations-path/
Equilibrium Index   Read me
> ./exercise-equilibrium-index/
Legacy JS   Just some JS legacy samples
> ./legacy-js/
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